Gravity Attacks!

In their new show, Gravity Attacks!, Jon and Owen invite the audience to join them in their fight against the world's most destructive evil force - gravity. Gravity has been keeping us all down for far too long, and finally someone is doing something about it. The Passing Zone puts gravity in its place, overpowering it with seemingly effortless dexterity. Objects fly through the air, like chainsaws, torches, and knives. You'll even see three people from the audience floating through space, orbiting planets, narrowly escaping dangerous collisions. The Passing Zone's performance is the closest thing to a world without gravity, but with plenty of levity. Join the fight!

The Passing Zone. They're like The Flying Karamazov Brothers (but more hip), Penn & Teller (but cleaner), The Smothers Brothers (but younger), Cirque du Soleil (but American), Blue Man Group (but less blue), the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (but funny), and Carrottop (but less, well, Carrottoppy), all rolled into one.

The Passing Zone
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The Passing Zone in Gravity Attacks