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Innovation Collaboration Execution : The Power of Partnership
Looking for something different?
You put on a great meeting last time, but now you have to top it. You need something unexpected, unique, fresh, not just the same old speaker, comedian, magician or band.

You found something different.
You found roaring chainsaws, cheering attendees, flaming torches and knives flying through the air! You found an experience. You found a surprise. You found genuine laughter, the kind that makes your face hurt.

Chainsaws, thrills, standing ovations.
You found two grown men who demonstrate partnership by leaping around the stage in fuchsia leotards, with rapid-fire banter, throwing sickles around the body of someone from the audience (or your CEO) as they receive a standing ovation. You found three of your people in astronaut suits flying through the air. You found danger (or so it would seem), laughter, and an inspirational experience your people will never forget.

You found what you're looking for.
You found The Passing Zone.
The Passing Zone
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